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3 Benefits of Upgrading to Hurricane Proof Sliding Doors and Windows

hurricane proof sliding doors

During the 20th Century, 158 hurricanes struck the United States, with more than a third of them (57) directly impacting Florida. Because of their proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida and its Caribbean neighbors face the risk of property damage each hurricane season. Rather than waiting for salt erosion, high winds, and heavy rains to cause costly damage, install hurricane proof sliding doors and windows to enjoy a range of benefits.

Protection from the Strongest Storms

When it comes to homes and buildings constructed in hurricane-prone areas, ensuring the safety and protection of the property and its inhabitants is of utmost importance. Hurricane-force winds can reach upwards of 150 miles per hour, putting everything in the path of the storm in danger. Fortunately, impact resistant hurricane windows and doors can withstand the most dangerous storms of all. Even Category 5 hurricanes pose no threat to hurricane proof sliding doors. Whether hunkering down during the storm or returning after a hurricane evacuation, rest assured that the building will be protected from gale force winds and storm surge, even in the most intense scenarios.

Save on Insurance Costs

Many states offer insurance discounts for home and business owners who upgrade their doors and windows. Because of its increased risk of hurricane impacts, the state of Florida takes this a step further by legally requiring insurance agents to make these home upgrade discounts available. Look forward to slashing monthly premiums dramatically by installing hurricane resistant windows and impact sliding glass doors. In fact, weather resistant windows can lower insurance costs by 10-15%. And although the installation of hurricane proof sliding doors and windows is a one-time, upfront investment, the insurance savings will continue year after year.

Increase Resale Value

Upgrading to high impact sliding doors and high-performance fixed windows can also increase the resale value of a building. Not only are luxury sliding glass doors and windows visually appealing, but they help block UV rays and extreme weather conditions to increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing utility costs. Furthermore, these added benefits can help to increase the property’s marketability in the future.

In storm-prone areas like Florida, it pays to plan ahead for devastating weather events. The installation of hurricane proof sliding doors and high impact windows is an investment that
provides both long-term benefits–insurance discounts and savings that continue year after year–as well as short-term solutions like reducing monthly energy costs. Most importantly, these high-performance doors and windows provide a visually-pleasing barrier between the property and the relentless power of even the strongest hurricanes.