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Can Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Improve Condo Value?

Can impact-resistant windows and doors improve property value? The short answer is yes! Potential property buyers and renters will appreciate the value added by impact-resistant windows and doors. Thus, when they’re viewing a condo to rent or buy and realize your development company installed hurricane glass doors, they may be willing to shell out a bit extra. This is especially important because, according to Cooperator News in Western Florida, condos throughout the state are required to undergo a public inspection every 40 years. Let’s take a closer look at how storm-resistant windows and doors can add value to your property.

A Quick Look at Hurricane Glass Doors and Windows

Hurricanes are the most powerful storms on Earth. Unfortunately, these storms can destroy entire communities and cause damage across regions. The high winds, flying debris, flooding, and various other things can destroy homes and hurt people. Fortunately, as science has improved and building standards have risen, it has become possible to build condos that are resistant to hurricane damage.

Hurricane glass doors and windows are made with high-quality materials that can withstand damage from wind and debris. Engineering efforts created materials that could stand up to the power of a hurricane. Further, the materials used are rather expensive to create, and manufacturing the doors and windows can be quite tricky. As a result of all these factors, hurricane doors and windows are an investment worth making when you build condos in a hurricane-prone area.

Adding Value With the Right Windows and Doors

When it comes to value, hurricane windows and doors excel. Besides resisting storms, these doors can last a long time and increase security for a home. While burglars and other intruders could break through regular windows and doors, hurricane-resistant ones are tough to breach. Potential buyers and renters will appreciate this security.

Ultimately, condo buyers will enjoy the peace of mind that hurricane glass doors and windows provide. This can add value to any property and will give it a distinguishing attribute that buyers will appreciate. Not only can this result in a higher price but it can also ensure that your properties are sold or rented more quickly.

Our team here at EGS International installs and services hurricane-resistant windows and doors for condos throughout Florida. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch. We look forward to working with you!