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3 Benefits of Impact Glass If You Live in a Hurricane Zone

3 Benefits Of Impact Glass If You Live In A Hurricane Zone

Living in Florida certainly has its perks. The weather is warm almost all year round. There are beautiful sandy beaches all along the ocean shore across the state. Because of it’s popularity, there are dozens of tourist attractions that even locals can enjoy.

With all the advantages of living in Florida, some downfalls must come as well. The state of Florida is known for its hurricane season. Unfortunately, Florida gets hit will this type of devastating storm all too often. Although this is true, there are several ways to protect oneself from the damage of a hurricane. One of those ways in with impact glass.

Impact glass doors and other glass door systems, as well as hurricane resistant windows are critical for hurricane protection. Impact glass that has a glazing of +105/-130 can handle up to 100 mile per hour hurricane winds. Having high impact glass for a home structure has several benefits. Here are three great reasons to install impact glass.

Hurricane Protection
As previously mentioned, impact glass is an incredible protection against hurricanes. Most impact windows and doors are made up of of several layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make shattering and penetration almost impossible. Having hurricane glass doors and windows not only keep you safe from a hurricane, but they can help prevent burglaries as well.

Energy Efficient
Aside from hurricane protection, having an impact glass door system can save on energy costs. Homes with impact glass windows and doors help retain the heat inside during the colder months so that the furnace does not have to run as often. It also reduces solar heat gain in the hot summer months so the air conditioning can take a break. These windows and doors also help decrease the amount of UV rays that come into a home or apartment, which can be harmful in several ways.

Noise Reduction
Because impact glass has several layers to is, it acts as a great sound barrier from between inside and outside. If the home or apartment resides on a busy street, has a lot of neighbors, or is even near an airport, it can be very difficult to hear the outside disturbances with impact glass.

If you live in Florida, you know how important it is to be prepared for hurricane season. Considered installing impact glass to protect your property. They are energy efficient, reduce noise, and are an excellent protection against storms.