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3 Benefits of Building With High Impact Windows and Doors

high impact glass

Along the Atlantic Coast, the official season for hurricanes is between June 1 and November 30. The most formidable Atlantic hurricane ever recorded was Hurricane Irma, which reached wind speeds of 185 miles per hour for 37 hours, classifying it as a Category Five storm.

Can the windows in the high-rises and condos you build withstand that?

Choosing high impact glass windows and doors has many benefits, and Engineered Glass Systems (EGS) lists three of them.

1. They’re Safer.

The impact resistant windows installed by EGS provide outstanding protection from cataclysmic hurricanes and other devastating weather situations.

High impact glass windows and hurricane sliding glass doors are built to withstand the strongest impacts and wind forces that hurricanes can deliver. Because of that, they’re also more than strong enough to provide excellent protection against intruders.

2. They’re Building Code-Compliant.

According to Florida Building Code (FBC) standards, windows must be resistant to impact if they’re located within one mile of the coastline where wind speeds are 110 miles per hour or more. Once every 40 years, Florida condos are also required to go through a public inspection.

Any glass door systems or windows having an impact-resistant glazing system of +105/-130 are able to tolerate hurricane-force winds traveling over 100 miles per hour. The windows and doors installed by EGS meet this standard and are therefore certified for use in high-velocity hurricane zones in compliance with FBC-2014. Moreover, all of EGS’s materials, standards for manufacturing, and finishes exceed Florida’s stringent building codes, and all products are designed and made in America.

3. They’re Energy-Efficient.

In addition to the protection they provide, hurricane resistant windows and doors increase the energy efficiency of your building, making them a more cost-effective option overall.

When building or updating condos and other high-rise structures, contractors, architects, and real estate developers must carefully consider the materials they’ll be using, particularly in areas where the buildings are subject to hurricanes. Because of the superior protection, building code compliance, and energy efficiency they offer, choosing to build with high-impact windows and sliding glass doors is an investment that is well worth considering.