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3 Things to know about Florida condo inspection

A lot of Florida people live in condominiums. They need to know that the places they live in are safe, which is why the law says they need to undergo a public inspection every 40 years. What else is there to know about this process? Here are three other things:

1. They Depend on the Age of the Condominium

While the law does say that the inspection must occur every 40 years, that number drops to once every 10 years if the condominium itself is older than 30. That’s because the equipment and other things might not be up to any new codes. The inspector will also look for hurricane-proof windows if you’re within a certain range of the coast.

2. They Depend on the Height of the Condominium

The condominium needs to be at least three stories high or more to fall under these inspection requirements. That’s because the more people that live in them, the higher the chances of the structure developing issues. The inspections will make sure that things are safe for the people that live in them. They will make sure they have hurricane-proof windows, especially if they’re close to the shore.

3. Inspectors Look for Certain Things

When the inspectors come in, they look for obvious signs of damage, including cracks in the wall. Is the HVAC working as it should? What is the water pressure like? They will be seeing if there are any odd smells. They want to make sure that it’s a safe structure.

You may be wondering why these mandatory inspections became law. In 2021, there was a condominium collapse in Surfside, which led officials to make changes to the law. If you own a condo or other property, be sure it’s up to date on all requirements, including windows.

A lot of people visit and live in Florida, with it being one of the most popular destinations for retirees. It’s important that the housing is safe for everyone who lives under your property. Be sure to follow all local regulations and guidelines to stay safe.

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