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Are You a Window Installer in Florida? Here’s Why You Should Work With a Top Hurricane Window Manufacturer

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Essentially, every window installer in Florida needs a reliable hurricane window manufacturer on their speed dial. These products are a requirement for many properties, and even when not required, they can make for a great investment. Let’s examine some of the many benefits of windows for property owners living in locations vulnerable to extreme storms.

Why Hurricane Windows are a Must-Have

As pretty much every Floridian knows, hurricanes rank among the most awesome forces on this Earth, capable of devastating towns and entire regions. Take Hurricane Katrina, which according to the National Hurricane Center was a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of roughly 174 miles per hour. This single storm caused nearly $150 billion in damages, according to some estimates.

Yet as powerful as hurricanes are, humanity is resilient. By working with a hurricane window manufacturer, it’s possible to install windows that can withstand high winds and the debris often flung around by storms of this nature.

In the past, windows were often considered a weak point in the average structure. With the best hurricane products installed by expert hands, these “weak points” can become durable forces even in the face of nature’s most powerful storms.

For homeowners, condo complex managers, and other folks overseeing properties, these windows can build value. This means that as an installer, you can help your clients build up their wealth. Not only is this good in and of itself, but it can also improve your value proposition. Ultimately, this could lead to more satisfied customers and increased sales, among other things.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether you’re installing windows in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, or wherever else, customers will likely have a lot of options when it comes to both the construction materials and the contractors needed to get the work done. So how can you stand out in crowded markets? Products crafted by a top-tier hurricane-resistant window manufacturer will naturally stand out.

Just as building owners need contractors they can rely on through thick and thin, window installers need suppliers that will consistently provide high-quality materials. Hurricane-resistant windows will prove their mettle the next time a storm strikes, and they’ll also perform well in everyday use. Get in touch with EGS International LLC if you or your clients are in need of premium storm-resistant windows.