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Generate More Income for Your Contracting Business By Partnering With a Top Hurricane Windows and Doors Manufacturer

If you’re a contractor in a state that is affected by hurricanes, you can generate more income by partnering with a windows and doors manufacturer that offers hurricane-rated products. During the 20th century, 158 hurricanes hit the United States; 57 of them hit Florida, while 26 hit Texas, making them the first and second most affected states, according to Fact Retriever. Keep reading as we detail the various ways that you can increase your company’s bottom line by partnering with this type of manufacturer.


When you partner with a top hurricane windows and doors manufacturer, you are able to get referrals from them. They may have customers who reach out to them and want to install these products in their homes or businesses, but they don’t offer installation. As such, they may refer the client to you, helping you generate more clientele who will trust your services from the get-go.

Annual Awareness

As a contractor, you want to install products that are in demand with customers. One of the most unique elements of hurricane-related products is that they are advertised annually. News broadcasters and insurance companies talk about the benefits of these products around hurricane season every year and when a hurricane hits. This helps to increase demand for your business on an annual basis without you having to do much advertising on your own.

Lower Wholesale Prices

By partnering with a professional windows and doors manufacturer, you are able to order directly from them. You cut out any middlemen and get the best possible price for those items. You can then turn around and charge individuals working with your contracting business more money for both the products and the installation process. This helps to increase the amount of money that your business is able to make.

As a contractor, you need to constantly evolve and change your business model. This helps prevent your business from becoming stagnant and helps your business grow. One of the ways that you can generate more income for your contracting business is by partnering with a top hurricane windows and doors manufacturer. We would love to discuss this business partnership with you more extensively. Contact our team here at EGS International now to get started.