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How Well Do Hurricane Proof Windows Truly Hold Up?

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If you own property in an area prone to hurricanes, it’s wise to invest in hurricane-proof windows crafted by a premium hurricane window manufacturer. In some cases, hurricane-resistant windows may actually be required by local authorities. Wondering if such windows are worth it and if they’ll actually hold up in the face of nature’s most powerful storms? Let’s dive in.

The Risks Posed By Hurricanes

Hurricanes can rank among the most awesome powers on Earth. Hurricanes can not only destroy homes, but sadly, they can wipe out entire neighborhoods. Take Hurricane Irma, for example. It was one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded, being a Category 5 storm that produced 185 mile-per-hour winds for 37 hours, according to USA Today.

If a strong hurricane is approaching, it’s often best to get out of its way. Yet renters and owners will have to leave their homes or other properties behind. If a condo high-rise gets hit by a powerful hurricane like Irma, the high winds and debris could quickly shatter the windows. This will likely result in water damage and other issues inside the building.

What Makes Hurricane-Proof Windows Hold Up

Hurricane-proof windows use exceptionally strong layers of laminated glass. They are engineered by a hurricane window manufacturer for not only high winds but also debris. Often, windows are built with two layers of glass. Between these two layers, you’ll usually find an immensely strong polymer layer.

In some cases, glass layers may break if struck by fast-moving debris. However, the polymer layer likely won’t break. This means your home will remain protected. The polymer can also hold the shattered glass in place, preventing the formation of large, sharp detached shards. This can mitigate risks for your guests and everyone else.

These Windows Are Often the Most Durable Parts of the Property

In some cases, buildings have been all but destroyed, with the only put-together remnants left behind being hurricane windows and doors. In other words, if hurricane-proof windows are installed on a property, they may well be the strongest part of the building. As such, every property developer and owner should consider installing hurricane-resistant windows.

Are you a property developer or a similar party in the market for hurricane-resistant windows and doors? Looking for a reliable hurricane window manufacturer? Contact EGS International right away to get the right products your property needs.


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