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High Impact Windows and Doors Provide Significant Protection During Hurricanes

It’s Mostly Paradise, Save for the Hurricanes

It’s no mystery why people want to live and work in the warm, coastal areas along the southeastern part of the country. Weather is usually fair and temperatures don’t fluctuate much throughout the entirety of the year. Residents and business owners alike can enjoy the sunshine and plenty of outdoor community activities at any given time and there’s no end to the number of beachfront events to attend. However, there’s one major concern that anyone residing in these areas has to put up with. Hurricanes are responsible for the most destruction and property damage along with coastal areas, and anyone who lives in or owns a business space in these areas should be aware of the importance that structure protection presents.

Fortunately, Protective Measures Exist

In response to damage caused by hurricanes, companies that develop structural fixtures for buildings have designed what they call impact-resistant hurricane doors and windows, including hurricane resistant doors. These windows and doors are designed to stay in one piece no matter what’s happening outside. While they may sound like they’re designed to fit into a vault, these windows and doors come in a variety of different styles, so building entrances and exits can be fashionable as well as secure. They fit the theme of hotels, restaurants, businesses, condos, and homes.

How Do Hurricane Impact Doors Work?

Anyone who has witnessed or experienced a hurricane knows that they are few things on Earth more powerful than the winds and water they generate. Hurricane Irma generated about 7 trillion watts of energy, which is two times the combined power of every bomb used in WWII. It’s difficult to imagine that any man-made item could compete with that amount of power, but high impact windows and doors are tested and specially designed to provide very reasonable protection.

High impact glass (like the material that’s used to create hurricane resistant windows and hurricane proof sliding doors) are shatter-resistant in up to 200 mph winds and built to withstand sudden wide changes in atmospheric pressure. While the raw power of nature can be amazing and unpredictable, these doors and windows regularly remain in their frames during Category 5 hurricanes.

Having doors and windows that are not going to be devastated by storms can also ensure that the inside of your buildings will be much safer when the windows and doors succeed in keeping the weather outside. Hurricane proof sliding doors and shatter-resistant windows are an absolute must in coastal areas, being that hurricanes are far from a rarity. Throughout the last century alone, 158 hurricanes made contact with the US, with 1/3 of them hitting Florida while 26 made contact with Texas. These storms are a serious reality along the coast.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Windows and Doors

While this amount of hurricane protection more than pays for itself during hurricane season, having high impact windows and hurricane proof sliding doors presents several other hidden benefits. These doors and windows reduce noise pollution and they’re practically impossible to break into, which is an excellent security measure. High impact windows and doors are tested to be able to handle intense heat and powerful projectiles. Combined with reinforced window and door frames that are routine with these installations, anything inside the structure is safe during even the most intense tropical storms on record.

An added degree of safety is always worth the investment, whether the items inside your buildings are valuable pieces of property or human beings. Ensuring the safety of your property is one of the smartest measures you can take while residing along the coast.