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After many years and innumerable E.G.S. doors being installed on the island of St. Croix, we were visited by 2 Category 5 hurricanes in 2 weeks. We saw winds well in excess of 200 mph with sustained winds over 180 mph for over 12 hours.

I will tell you this: When you are in your home and you think the world is about to end, and you do not think you are going to survive, and your neighbors house is coming apart and flying past you, and every tree on the island is mangled, broken and totally devoid of leaves, and flying past like you are in the wizard of OZ, you will be glad that you chose to have E.G.S. Doors .

Every door we installed came through unscathed.

After the storm when there is no communication and you are trying to get around, and every person you see that you put doors and windows in their home comes up to you and hugs you so tight you can’t breath, and thanks you so profusely it is humbling, that the only reason they made it and still had their house was because of the doors and windows you installed in their home and that they were worth every penny they paid and would gladly pay it again it makes you proud to be in the business we are in. It is all worth it after that.

I have had people tell me that during the fiercest part of the storm they would put their hand on the glass and it was void of any movement and they felt as though they were standing behind a steel wall and the noise reduction made them wonder if there was a storm outside. I have one customer whose house sits the closest to the eye as any house here, and it’s about 100 feet from the beach with the pool in between. It is up about 12 feet above sea level to the area where we installed 4 big sliders the waves were about 20 feet and were crashing upon the doors, and not only did they hold strong but they did not leak. They did have sand packed in around them so we had to take out the panels and clean out the sand and they are as good as new.

I want you to know that the word is spreading that this door is the Rolls Royce of sliding glass doors. Nothing else compares to it.

We have customers and architects that will put nothing else in their homes and are telling their friends who lost doors -and there at many- take a look at mine and go see Castle Glassworks. We look forward to what the future brings working with you and your staff in providing comfort and security to our brothers and sisters in our island home.

We are V.I. Strong and we will survive. Thank You for allowing us to represent your fine product.

Thank You, again.