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What Do Impact-Resistant Windows Protect Homeowners Against?

Nature can create immensely powerful forces, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms. These weather events could damage property and even injure people. Fortunately, property owners can now use various construction techniques and materials, such as impact-resistant windows, to mitigate risks. By selecting the right window manufacturer, you can even obtain windows and doors that can stand up to Category 5 hurricanes.

The Strongest Windows Can Stand Up to the Strongest Storms

A Category 5 hurricane may well be the most awesome and dangerous force on earth. These storms can generate sustained winds in excess of 150 miles per hour. They can also create storm surges that can cause flooding and intense rains can lead to overflowing rivers and broken levees.

It’s hard to overestimate the amount of damage that a strong hurricane can cause. Most years, hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage. In fact, some hurricane seasons have caused over $150 billion in damage.

Property owners must bear much of this burden. A hurricane or tropical storm could cause immense damage to homes, apartment buildings, high-rise condominiums, and various other structures. In the past, windows and glass doors, in particular, were vulnerable to storm damage. Fortunately, impact-resistant windows and sliding doors crafted by a top-notch window manufacturer can now be used to mitigate risks.

Consider High-Quality, Impact-Resistant Windows Crafted By a Pro

High winds are common during hurricanes and other storms. Unfortunately, high winds can result in a lot of debris flying around. For example, storm winds might pick up a trashcan and then send it crashing into a building. If that trashcan collides with a brick wall, it may not cause much damage.

Yet if it slams into a basic window, it could quickly shatter the glass. Once the window is broken, wind and rain will be able to damage the interior of the building. If people are in the building, they too will be exposed to the elements and be put at risk.

Impact-resistant windows crafted by a high-end window manufacturer, however, stand a much better chance of surviving strikes by debris and high winds. This will keep interiors and people protected even during the strongest of storms. Ultimately, according to the Florida Building Code, impact-resistant windows are required for properties located within one mile of a coast where winds could meet or exceed 110 MPH. Even buildings further inland, however, will benefit from such windows.

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