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Why New Windows are Needed for the Warmer Months

high impact resistant windows

The winter months are slowly thawing into warm seasons of spring and summer. During the hottest months of the year in Miami, people tend to stay indoors to avoid the overwhelming heat. The problem is when a person’s condo does little when controlling the increasing temperatures. Rather than spend countless hours searching for a solution with minimal rewards, look into installing high impact resistant windows.

​Allowing More Natural Light In
Sunny days were often a rare occasion in the coldest times of the year. With the clouds slowly drifting away, everyone wants to open the curtains and let in all the natural light. However, there are window designs that lack the performance to bring in as much natural light as possible. High impact resistant windows have a stylish design and are built to provide more natural lighting to any condo.

​Keeping Temperature Under Control
A concern of windows bringing in natural lighting is the if they will increase the heat within the condo. These windows will not be part of the initial heat problem. Other window installments can light up a condo, but will not help when it comes to UV protection and temperature control. High impact windows give up to 99% UV protection and keep rising temperatures under control.

​Protection Against Summer Storms
Residing in tropical areas with high humidity, such as Miami, has a downside: tropical storms. Hurricanes and storms are common in the summer months and closer to autumn. High impact resistant windows live up to their name in protecting homes from high intensity winds and flying debris. Condo residents want to live somewhere with a stylish design and a structure strong enough to withstand these storms. Impact resistant windows combine these two factors together.

​Increasing Energy Efficiency
Property managers and condo residents spend more during the spring and summer in energy bills because of the heat. Putting the air conditioning on full power is not as efficient in lowering the condo temperatures as new window installments are. Plus, new windows help save on the monthly energy bill and are better for the environment.