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How the Windows and Doors of Your Property Are At Risk of Major Storm Damage

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Did you know that Hurricane Irma was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, according to the National Weather Service? It was a Category 5 storm with 185-mile-per-hour winds for 37 hours. In events like these, the importance of keeping your windows and doors protected from heavy impact and damage cannot be overstated. Here’s a bit more on how your property’s windows and doors are at risk in extreme weather events.


People are advised to stay away from windows in the event of an intense storm like a hurricane or tornado. This is because the breakage of a window can cause elements of the storm to fly into the room, and just the damage of shattered glass poses an additional risk. Regular windows that are not made to withstand hurricanes or other high-impact conditions are rather difficult to board up or manually secure through makeshift methods, especially in the midst of a storm.


Whether it’s a sliding glass door in an upper-floor room or the entrance doors to your building, both are at major risk of damage in the event of a hurricane. In the midst of an extreme weather event, the durability of your doors is crucial to the safety of occupants and belongings inside of the room. Making emergency door replacements after a storm is less ideal when continuing business operations and cleaning up the mess made by intense weather events.

Additional Benefits of Storm-Resistant Doors and Windows

It’s no doubt that avoiding leaks, broken belongings, and repair expenses are a major benefit of having high-performance glass products installed. Other benefits that property owners would enjoy from storm-resistant windows and doors is energy-efficiency, protection from intense sounds, and UV ray protection. These benefits add to the occupants’ quality of life during regularly sunny Florida days and unpleasant, stormy days as well.

Protecting your property from heavy winds and rain is essential to the well-being of your occupants as well as your finances. Rather than spend heaps of money on repairs after a storm, it’s best to prepare ahead of time and have storm-resistant doors and windows installed. If you’re prioritizing your building’s safety with similar products, then give
EGS International LLC a call today! We’re proud to be a leading impact glass door and window manufacturer in Florida.