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The Cooperator Expo South Florida. Why You Should Attend.

cooperator expo

The South Florida Cooperator Expo, Also known as “Condo and HOA Expo” is dedicated to the development and betterment of board members, property managers, condo, and HOA decision-makers as well as apartment building owners.

It is a rare opportunity for building management personnel to come together, collaborate, and learn about building service companies available to help improve their management processes.

Who Are The Exhibitors at the Cooperator Expo

Over 340 exhibitors are scheduled to attend with a program schedule full of educational seminars, presentations, and discussions. It’s an opportune venue to show off the latest developments in your products or services while having the chance to mingle with fellow business owners.

Browse the aisles of vendors offering services and chat with attending building managers about how they operate. This is a limited opportunity to network with peers and gain free industry advice from the concentrated wealth brought together in one building.

Not totally convinced? These details might change your mind:

What’s Offered at the South Florida Condo and HOA Expo?

The Cooperator Expo South Florida 2020 convention will cover a variety of topics, but it should be noted as a chance to dig into hurricane protection. This expo is located in an area noted for hurricane activity. Hurricane season runs from Jun. 1 to Nov. 30. Heavy rainfall, high winds, and storm surges are all factors that highlight the special need and attention to hurricane proofing buildings. This expo is a platform to showcase what vendors have to offer.

What’s Special About this Expo?

The South Florida Condo and HOA Expo is ideal for companies in the home improvement and real estate markets, especially for Homeowner Associations looking for Windows and doors manufacturers.

South Florida has strict requirements when it comes to impact windows. These windows and sliding glass door manufacturers have designs that utilize high impact resistant glass to provide protection in times of hurricane weather. Look for the wholesale windows and doors companies to cover every possible need.

Impact glass was discovered by accident in 1903 when French chemist Edouard Benedictus dropped a flask of cellulose nitrate solution. When the flask fell, it remained intact.

Its use became known widely in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until 1992 when Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida that impact glass staked its claim as protection in the Sunshine State buildings. Now, many coastal cities are utilizing the discovery.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, with sustained winds of 174 mph, over 600,000 homes were destroyed and an estimated $25 billion in damages were done. Upon investigation, the common denominator among many houses was a compromise of structural integrity after the exterior of the building had been damaged, broken windows and unsealed doors.

Impact glass was shown to help. Hurricane proof windows in the Caribbean Islands have also become essential to island development. While the southern islands tend to be safer from hurricanes, the others are not as fortunate. Strengthening buildings with impact glass can help fight back.

Why Go to the South Florida Condo and HOA Expo?

Why not go? This expo is a place where suppliers are brought to you whether you’re a vendor or a visitor. Instead of seeking out places individually, all the places can seek you out.

In a southern location known for harsh hurricane seasons, this expo is ideal for spreading the word about what impact glass solutions can do for the integrity of buildings.