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Windows and Doors that Weather the Storm

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Window and doors are a part of any building but in Florida. They also serve as the last line of defense against hurricanes. Builders and architects have to take this into consideration when they decide to outfit their projects. As a windows and doors manufacturer located in Florida Engineered Glass Systems (EGS) has made hurricane resistant windows and doors a priority. We aim for a balance between aesthetics and durability as our product often finds its way into large high-rise apartments and condominiums.

There have been a few particularly devastating storms over the years. In 2017 Hurricane Irma made landfall as a Category 5 with wind speeds up to 185 miles per hour. The storm lasted for 37 hours and expended 7 trillion watts of energy. That’s more energy than all the bombs used in WWII on the buildings, windows, and doors in Florida. That’s why hurricane-resistant windows and sliding glass doors are specifically designed to keep out the wind and debris that hurricanes bring.

Condo associations, large contractors, and developers are ultimately looking at the bottom line. These businesses have to decide on building materials and the efficient use of space for plumbing, electricity, and living space all while considering selling points to their potential clientele. Why go through all of that without thinking about how to keep it protected from the outside? A windows and doors manufacturer recognizes that our product needs to be of service more than just in the event of a hurricane for it to contribute to the profitability of a large establishment. Our windows and doors are energy efficient, provide structural integrity, and have long-term durability against the salt corrosion of the Florida coast. This is particularly important when it comes to staying up-to-date with building codes as having to replace your multitude of windows and doors could be quite costly. Make sure you’re choosing a windows and doors manufacturer that goes above and beyond industry standards to make sure your investment is worthwhile, all the while.

If you look around Florida, you’ll see all kinds of hurricane-proofing in plain sight. Windows on commercial warehouses that light up the storage facility, doors to balconies with great views, and windows through which you can see sunsets. Sleek and modern, they’re not noticed for squeaky bumpy openings but for the breeze they let in. And when the time comes for inclement weather, they keep it out. Hurricanes are an inevitable part of living in Florida, but when it comes to how you prepare your structures at least you have a choice. Choosing hurricane proof windows and choosing hurricane proof doors with EGS as your windows and doors manufacturer can be your silver lining in the storm. We’ll make sure you have the best outlook in the bad situations.