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Own a Condo in Florida? It’s Time to Consider Hurricane Sliding Doors

Owning a condo can provide financial freedom and protection against rising rent prices. However, condo owners will need to take steps to protect their investments. Likewise, HOAs, construction companies, and architecture firms should also look into ways they can protect properties against storms and other threats. The right hurricane sliding doors can stand up to the strongest storms and may also prove more resilient to general wear and tear.

Hurricanes Are a Major Threat in Florida

Since 1851, Florida has been struck by at least 125 hurricanes. The Carolinas, Georgia, and various islands spread throughout the Caribbean have also regularly been hit by hurricanes, tropical storms, and other major storm events. A single hurricane can cause billions of dollars in damage. Much of this damage is borne by property owners.

Hurricanes and other major storms can generate high winds. This can create hazards as debris flies around. If debris smashes into a window or glass sliding door, it could quickly shatter. Then, the interior of the building and anyone inside could be exposed to rain, high winds, flood water, and more. Fortunately, condo owners and management companies can now purchase hurricane sliding doors. These doors stand up to even the strongest of storms!

What Makes Them Unique?

Hurricane sliding doors have been designed specifically to stand up to high winds, debris, and other threats created by severe weather events. The materials used are much stronger than what you’ll find with a traditional sliding door. As a result, hurricane-resistant doors can often shrug off strikes that could quickly shatter other doors.

While hurricane doors are hardened against storms, they still offer excellent aesthetics and a luxurious feel. This is crucial for luxury condo projects in Florida, as owners, renters, and other stakeholders will prefer buildings that meet their high expectations. The right hurricane-resistant doors will still let in plenty of sunlight and can also offer stunning views.

Ultimately, hurricane sliding doors can make for a great investment. Not only can they mitigate risks but they can also add value to properties. Many potential homeowners and renters are willing to pay extra for peace of mind and additional protection. Further, condos must undergo public inspections every 40 years, according to CooperatorNews Western Florida. Investing in the right doors and windows now could make it easier to pass inspections later on down the line. To learn more, contact EGS International today!